Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Myrtle Beach!

So we had an awesome time last weekend visiting Myrtle Beach with friends. It was awesome! We had so much fun. It was a great time filled with merriment and relaxation. It is truly a blessing to have such great friends when you live so far from family. Thanks oodles and oodles to the Pooles for inviting us to come!

One interesting thing that happened on the trip was Sally learned how to get out of her pack and play. Last night, she made it out of her crib. It looks like a new phase of life for us.

Anyway, here's a mini scrapbook of our cool time. You can click on the small pictures to get a closer look, press pause so it doesn't turn too quickly. Not that you need these instructions. I just got frustrated for a moment with it. I'm sure you're more savvy than I am. Enjoy!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mom's Rule

So, this picture represents the things that remind me of mothers most. My own amazing mother, and the one who made me a mother. I also love the way my mom is hugging Sally. Love is the key word here.
The Radiohead show I went to the other night was absolutely amazing. Seriously, phenomenal. However, it pales in comparison with the amazingness that is my mom. As I make my own journey into motherhood, the more I appreciate just how awesome a mom she is. My mom was and is so involved in my life. She went to every lesson, practiced with me every day, coached every team I was on, and was a room mother in every class. I always have known that she loved me, even when I was not acting very lovable. She always shows such admirable qualities. She is strong. Her body, mind and spirit, are all strong, strong, strong. She is always fun to be with. She has a great sense of humor and is very easy to talk to. Today, I can say that she is my best friend. I talk to her daily and can ask her advice or just enjoy a laugh.
I'll share just a couple of mom stories. When I was young, we decorated some matching shirts with paint and the like. They said M and Em on them, and had each of our hand prints on them. When she tried hers on, she realized the hand prints went right on each of her boobs. She didn't really want to wear the shirt out, but could see how much I wanted to. She wore it to a full day of Suzuki Institute. That's love.
One time, we went to the Peace Gardens in SLC. It was a lovely day, and there was a man made pond in one of the gardens. My mom wanted to dip her feet in. She took off her shoes and stepped in. One step, then two. Then, a little slide. The pond was apparently bowl shaped and very slick on the bottom with algae or something. She slid right down into the very center of the pond. She stood up, sopping wet, and turned her purse upside down to drain out the water. While she was doing that, a sprinkler came around and sprayed her even more. There have been few times I've laughed so hard. Not at you, mom, of course, with you.
So, about 19 months ago, my mom came out for the birth of little Sally Rose. Before I went into labor, I wasn't sure how I wanted things to be, or who I wanted to be there. As it turns out, I couldn't have asked for a better support team. When I saw my mom come through the hospital doors, I was SO relieved to see her. She and Bill talked me through every contraction, held my hand and saw me at my most vulnerable ( in every way). When it came time to push, they each held one of my legs and helped talk me through the pushing. Sally came, and the joy was immense and immediate. The day was the craziest day I've ever had. I became a mother. I am so grateful I was able to share that with my own mom.
This brings me to writing about being a mom myself. I was and am still surprised at the love I immediately felt for Sally Rose. It's a different love that I don't think you experience outside of motherhood. Life suddenly meant so much more. I wanted to be better. I wanted the world to be better, and because she was in it, it was. She continues to bring me so much joy. From spontaneous hugs to courtesy laughs to stacking blocks. New words and understanding. Real laughs and real love. I ADORE being a mother and can't wait to become one times two- just about half way there! Now, I need to enjoy this time I have with Sally as the only child. I know this is precious time. I love her so much. I love her SO much.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Cool Concerts Squared

So it's been a while since I was able to go to any kind of concert. In the last week, I was able to go to two! I'll go in chronological order.

Violin Recital
The first was a recital of my sweet violin students. It's the first recital I've held since we've been out here. The kids had worked hard and all did a great job! I was truly impressed by them and what they accomplished. This was the first time performing for most of them and they really came out swinging. I was also very impressed with the amount of support that came out for these kids. Not only did parents and siblings come, but cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and even great grandparents. There were probably twice as many people as I expected, so it was a tight squeeze, but it worked out alright. I look forward to more recitals in the future.

Here we all are after the big event
So, did you read that? I'll give you a second try. RADIOHEAD. Live. Emily, there (there). So, it was amazing. They played 24 songs of awesomeness. Of course, there were some especially great moments. "Optimistic" was divine and I was pleasantly surprised by "Talk Show Host", which they rocked. They ended their primary set with the hauntingly gorgeous "Videotape". They also did a simple andbeautiful version of "Faust Arp"( My favorite from the new album). Their second encore set consisted of "Paranoid Android" (phenomenal, see below), and a simply lovely "House of Cards". It was incredibly fantastic. Thunder and lightning were expected, but we just got refreshing sprinkles a few times. It was a feast not only for the ears, but the eyes too. They had these amazing lights and video shots behind them. Some of the shots were so interesting. Thom sang into the camera super close up during "You and Whose Army". There were moments I swear you could see nose hairs. Icky? Perhaps. Awesome? Definitely. It was wonderful dancing around to the most amazing music with the most amazing man at my side. We have not gone on tons of real dates since our curly haired cutie entered the picture. It was SO nice to spend some real one on one time with him. All in all, an evening to remember. I only wish the average height of Radiohead fans was a bit shorter and that their affinity for smoking was a bit less. If any of you get the chance to see these artists live, you should go with no second thoughts. Even if you're not a huge fan (like Bill), you'll love it (he did).

This is most of Paranoid Android- it was SO good! I know it's a little long, but you must check it out.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Head Shoulders Knees and Toes

This clip was taken with our new camera. Yeah, you heard it right, we finally got a camera. It's a still camera, and I'll post a few pictures from it's main function in a bit. I'm still trying to get familiar with how it all works. I'm not very good yet. But yet is the key word. One day, I'll rock it like Ansel Adams.

You'll notice Sally Rose doesn't do the shoulders. She will do them separately, but never in the song. She's sitting amongst some beautiful sidewalk art we were doing.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

SLC Awesomeness

So, I said I would show some of the coolness we experienced in Salt Lake City. Here is just a tiny glimpse. We also went to the zoo, had a huge family party, visited with bundles of friends, ate lots of yummy food andhad some wonderful family time. I wish I could have family time more often. This trip was fantastic. You can see a few more pics if you want at
This is at the Children's Museum- Sally's favorite part was the ball beehive

We went swimming at Dimple Dell- I LOVE this suit!

Two very cute people, Amy and Cameron

Sally didn't want to get out. Her lips started turning blue, but she just wanted to be an otter in the water

We went for a stroll to the school where Sally enjoyed the playground.

Sophie, Sally, and the "ick", as Sally says, at Wheeler Farm

Three sweeties feeding ducks

We think this should be an ad for a headache medicine- the before picture