Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm It

I'm it in this lovely game of blog tagging. I like this one, so I hope people respond. Ah, they rarely do. But a girl can hope, right?

3 Joys...

1. Seeing Bill and Sally play and bond. They are so great together and so cute. Sally Rose loves cuddling with him and copying all kinds of things he does. Every day, she starts asking about when Daddy is coming home at about 3:00. When it finally happens, her face is one of pure joy. What a special bond Daddy and daughter have.

2. Being in the water. My body is so free in the water and I feel so free. I love spinning and flipping and doing Ariel like jumps out of it. I love water skiing and swimming and just hanging out in it. Especially now that my body is as it is and I waddle much of the time, being in water is so freeing.

3. Loved one's laughs. I love the smile lines by Bill's eyes when he laughs. I love that Sally has a deep belly laugh. I love my mom's smile just after a good chuckle. I love the way my dad laughs with his body. I love Amy's silent laugh when something is really getting to her. I love how contagious Wendy's laugh is. I love how DJ's laugh is such a common treat for those around him.

3 Fears...

1. I am afraid of heights. When coming down the stairs in the Statue of Liberty, I was so afraid I was paralyzed for a bit. My dad had to talk me into coming down. I sat on the stair and couldn't move. I wish this was an isolated experience but, sadly, it wasn't.

2. I've recently discovered I'm quite afraid of bees. I have a really hard time if they are anywhere near me. I kind of freak out a bit. The last time I was stung, my hand ended up looking like a blown up surgical glove. I couldn't bend my fingers at all. I decided then that I'm a little allergic, and afraid I'll turn into Macaulay Culkin on My Girl.

3. I am terribly afraid that people won't like me or will stop liking me. I know there are people that don't and it drives me nuts. I not only I am afraid of what people think that I care about, but also strangers. I'll keep working on this one.

3 Current Obsessions/Collections...

1. Finding a name for this baby. I know, it's something we really need to do, but I think about it constantly. I watch the credits of everything very intently looking for that special perfect name to pop out at me. We will find one in the next 3 1/2 months. I hope.

2. Blogging. Not that I write a ton, but I check to see if people have updated their blogs at least once a day and always hope for a comment.

3. Stephenie Meyer books. I know, I know. But I can't put them down. I'm going to a midnight party when Breaking Dawn is released. I just read the Host and literally had to rip myself away.

3 Random/surprising facts about myself...

1. I once swallowed a goldfish. I think I got 80 cents for it.

2. I can completely plug my nose with my upper lip. I've done it under water for as long as I can remember and Sally Rose can do it as well.

3. I get EXTREMELY shy sometimes. To people who know me well, this may come as a surprise. When I moved away from home, I was pretty much silent for a few months. I do feel lucky in moving here, the shy jitters didn't come. Yea!

Okay. I tag Emily G, Emily H, Erika, and Wendy. I know, she doesn't blog, but I keep hoping. Maybe she'll start.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Panama City Beach

So, my mom came out here last week and we went down to spend time with my sister Wendy and her family in Panama City Beach. It was SO much fun! We did lots of great things, but it was mostly great to be with family. Sally and Coleman were very interested in each other. Mostly, they were cute together, but they (mostly Sally Rose) had their moments. It will definitely be interesting to see how she handles little Bertha. We had such a great time and can't wait to see you guys all again. Thanks so much to Wendy, Jesse and Coleman for putting up with us for so long. Thanks also to my mom for making the trek out here.

Oh yes. You simply must check out a lttle video that is on my Mom's blog. It's a little diddy of Wendy and myself, and if you need a hearty laugh, check it out.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's Rule

Yea for Daddies!! Dad's are quite amazing in all they do. The two major dads in my life are my own, and the daddy of Sally and Fredrika. I'll tell you a few things that make them awesome.

Before Sally Rose came along, I honestly didn't know how Bill would be as a dad of a baby. I always knew he'd be great with older kids, but he had never spent a lot of time around the little ones. Soon after he entered the world of fatherhood, I was happily surprised by how hands on and comfortable he was (and is) with her. He changed diapers and gave baths from the very beginning. There were times, only he could soothe her. They have such a special bond. I love to see Sally light up when Dada comes home at the end of the day. I also love to see how he lights up when she comes up to him. I see Bill as being a kind of Atticus Finch type dad, which is a huge compliment. He also has a silly side, especially when it comes to entertaining his kids. He's often seen marching around the house singing "in a dazzling promenade" in an awesomely loud Broadway voice. Sally loves "hopping on pop" and Bill is pleased to let her. He's also an amazing role model. I feel so blessed to have a worthy priesthood holder as the father of my children. I'm excited to see Bill as the dad of two. Soon enough, I suppose. I love him so much. He's an amazing man and an amazing father.

My dad is a fantastic man. Thinking about him makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. He is the most generous person I have ever met. Growing up, I was always witnessing his kindness in action. Whether it was giving change to a homeless person or providing someone with a place to stay, his kindness was always apparent. He is also a fun dad. I fondly remember watching Bugs Bunny every Saturday morning with him and not knowing which of us was enjoying it more. He took me on special daddy daughter dates and was the best at tickler around. He is also a great role model. He honors his priesthood and is always willing to give good advice. I can think of conversations we've had that have had lasting impacts on my life. He has always shown such love and respect for my mom. When I was dating, he was always the measure of what to look for. He set the bar pretty high. He's also one of the smartest, most charismatic people you will ever meet. He knows so much about so many things and can always tell you in an engaging and non demeaning way. Maybe I'll introduce you, then you'll know that it's the truth that my dad, my dad's the greatest guy you know.

Friday, June 6, 2008


So, not too long ago, Bill and I were able to have a sneak peak at our little one. I'll post a picture on here when I get one, but we don't have a scanner, so these things end up taking time for us. Anyway, our child is already adorable. little hands moving and feet crossed at the ankles. It's crazy to feel your baby move and see it on the screen at the same time. We found out that everything is looking good. There is a beautiful beating heart, kidneys and a nice spine. We also got to look at something else that told us a gender. We are having another girl! We are SO excited and now are thinking about rooms and names in a whole new light. We feel so incredibly blessed and can't wait to meet this little girl in person. Little girls are so fun! Sally and this one will have so much fun playing together. I'm sure they'll never fight, and Sally won't even be jealous at first. Well, I can dream, right? But really, I love my sisters so much. I can't wait for Sally and Baby to share the same bond. Just wish us luck in about thirteen years.