Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hospital and More

Yes, that's a (phone) picture of our little Alice wearing a hospital gown. The poor thing had to spend two days in the hospital with RSV. Bill, Sally and I had all gotten sick- it was hard for Alice not to have the same fate. Thankfully, she seemed to not get it too bad, but it's always scary when you're that little.

In the middle of the night the Saturday she started smiling, she started acting sick. The next morning, I noticed she was feeling a bit warm. i took her temperature, and it was 100.5. That might not sound horrible, but it's not good for a baby as young as Alice. It was Sunday, so I couldn't take her to the doctor. I called the nurse hotline and spoke to a very nice nurse. Over the phone, she listened to Alice breathe. Then, she stopped my breath with her next line. She asked how far away the hospital was, when I told her half an hour, she highly recommended getting an ambulance to take us there. Until that point, I wasn't thinking it was terribly serious, but an ambulance?!?! We called 911 and paramedics were sent to our house. When they came, they checked her out and didn't seem nearly as troubled by her symptoms, but did recommend us going to the hospital to get her checked out. So, we did.

They checked her out and took blood, urine, and mucous samples to test. They were supposed to do a spinal tap also, (because she was young and running a fever) but didn't. (Later, after she was no longer running a fever and had a diagnosis, one doctor wanted to do it then. After wrestling with the decision, we opted not to. She seemed to be getting better and I was confident the RSV was the cause of the fever- it turns out, we were right.) The RSV test came back positive and so they wanted her to stay.

It was just to be cautious. She received a couple doses of Tylenol, and then no longer needed it. They came in every so often and checked her oxygen levels, blood pressure, and temperature. That's all she needed. All in all, a very extravagant precaution. I'm glad we did it, though- it's much better to be safe with a baby so small. It also allowed me some one on one time with Alice. It really was nice just cuddling and spending time with her with nothing to pull me away. She smiled throughout her hospital stay.

Here some pictures of the little Nicolich girls.

We her are the girls on our cool sit and stroller. I was super excited to have gotten in for cheap on craigslist. I was only worried Sally wouldn't be able to rest while we strolled....

She found a way. She fell fully asleep like this.

Aren't they so pretty?

Sometimes Sally will take care of her baby while I do. We sound this mini glider at a garage sale, and she uses a neck pillow as her boppy. We both "nurse" our babies.

This is pretty major- Sally used the potty for the first time!!! She was SO proud, and didn't want to get off. She called Daddy to tell him the good news. Since then, she's done it once more. Hopefully, it will become a daily experience.

Sally LOVES her cottage cheese.

Sally will no longer look at me for pictures. I have to be tricky. She is beautiful, though.

Cuties together

I will often talk of Alice "surviving" Sally. She looks pretty happy about it here.

The following is a series of smiley Alice pictures. I LOVE that she is smiling more and more!


Cicely said...

Spinal Tap? Just hearing those words would make me pass out. I'm so glad she is okay and didn't need anything too major.

I love the name Alice, by the way.

Mrs. Grigg said...

I had no idea it got that crazy. Bill never shared all the details with Joe....I'm glad that things ended up being ok, scary though.
The pictures are beautiful, and your girls are definitely beautiful.

Becky said...

How cute are all those smiles? Give those girls hugs from grandma!

Kathryn said...

It is so scary when babies that young get sick. Lily was in the hospital with RSV last Christmas and it freaked me out. I'm glad she is ok and she she didn't get a spinal tap.

becca said...

How scary! I'm glad everything is okay with sweet little Alice. RSV is no fun! I love all the pictures! What beautiful girls! I was laughing at the potty picture of Sally. I remember how excited Ty got every time he went potty. We had to call everyone too! I am excited I will get to see you guys in January!

Amy said...

Most hospital experiences are rather traumatic and scary - but you handled it like a pro! I was way impressed that you didn't freak out. Beautiful girls and pictures!

Mikel said...

Hello Emily! Glad you found our blog! Lol, I'm not that cool, but I'm glad you think so! Miss seeing y'all at church, we really ought to cross paths sometime. I'm glad baby Alice is now alive and healthy, great name by the way. Sally and Alice two of the coolest movie/book characters known to woman kind. What lucky girls.

Mikel said...

This is Andrea by the way, I just noticed it said Mikel, but it's me, I'm just accidentally logged on to his name!

Julie said...

I am glad to hear that little Alice (as well as the rest of you) are feeling better!

We have one of those gliders for Wyatt too! Love it! That is too cute that Sally "nurses" her babies. Very cute.

Love and miss you!

Kedra Simpson said...

Oh, my goodness she is the cutest thing ever!!! I am glad she is feeling better, must have been a little scary.