Thursday, March 5, 2009

Awesome Travel

We are now in Portland! It's fantastic to be here and spend time with Bill's family, however getting here was a bit of a nightmare. We left our house at 4:30 AM, and didn't arrive at my mother in law's until 9:00 PM. Pacific time. That's nearly 20 hours of awesome travel. Luckily, the girls were well behaved for the most part.

We got on our plane just in time, and then proceeded to sit. And sit. Until they told us a door wouldn't close on our aircraft and it was being put out of commission for a while. We were then told we all had to go on a flight a while later to Denver- regardless of individual final destinations. There was a flight on a different airline that we supposedly booked to go from Denver to Portland, but when we got there, we were told that the lovely people at Frontier had booked our flight, but didn't issue us tickets. This was at about 11:00. The flight we actually got on was at 5:55. Let me just say that we now know the Denver airport quite intimately. It's a lovely airport, but they keep it at about 86 degrees. We were boiling. After raising a bit of a stink, Bill was able to get us some vouchers for use on a later date, and also some food vouchers to use in the Denver Airport. That was nice, but I think we would have rather spent the day in the city of roses. At the end of the day, Sally did say, "This was a great day!" I guess I can learn something about attitude from her.
Here are pics of how all of us handled it.

Sally actually quite liked playing, though this picture doesn't show it. She also enjoyed the cookies courtesy of frontier.
I was sad

Bill was upset
Alice liked it!
I guess all's well that ends well, and we are now having a delightful time . Let's hope the trip home goes smoother.


t.t.turner said...

Sally has amazing eyelashes, just FYI. Sorry about your airport party!

Marilyn said...

Traveling can be brutal, can't it? I've had some nightmare experiences at the Denver Airport as well. But nothing beats the oh-so-frightening LAX! That place is hell. Have fun in Oregon. I hope you get to the coast - Cannon Beach is one of our favorite places!

paul and lindsay said...

oh my gosh! i'm so sorry! traveling can be awful awful. I'm glad you're in Portland and having fun. enjoy the trip!

Amy said...

Never a dull moment with you guys. That sounds like my worst nightmare! I'm glad the kids handled it well. I love the picture of Bill.

Kathryn said...

I HATE traveling. Every time we do it something goes wrong. I'm glad you made it safely.

Cicely said...

Your kids are awesome.

Rhoda88 said...

That was stink. I can see Bill's face. He looks funny though. have a great day