Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sally's First Ballet Recital

Sally has been taking a ballet/tap class this year. She has LOVED it! She knows Tuesday is a dance day and is always talking about Miss Jennifer, her teacher. I signed her up just to give her some social time and to get some instruction from someone other than me. I'm so glad we did- it's been great for her! Their season ended with the annual spring recital, of which the theme was Flashback to the 80's. She's been talking about it for months, telling passersby, "Sally's going to be in a recital. Sally's dancing to We are the World." (yes, she sometimes speaks is 3rd person. Especially when saying something like that. I think she's aspirng to be Karl Malone.)

Anyway, the day came, and it was awesome. I couldn't believe how excited/nervous i was for her. It was the same feeling I get when I have a big performance. I was SO proud of her, and i couldn't keep the tears from my eyes. She was so brave and beautiful and good. I love her so much, and I was reminded of the power of that love last night.
Here is her dance below- the dark time in the middle, the teenage girl actually is dancing. Lame lights guy. Anyway, it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Didn't you love it? They didn't have the polka dots the day before, she was very interested in them, and didn't notice it was time to dance. That and her hands were caught. Goodness, I love this.

And here she is taking her bow and doing the finale dance- the best part is her doing the robot. So stinking cute!!!

Sally supporters. Our dear friends the MacPhersons came to watch- it was great!

This was at the dress rehearsal, Alice SO wanted to join the big girls!

My beautiful dancer!

About half the girls in Sally's dance

This reminds me of a painting my parents have. Sally really digs the girl posing.

Ugh. Sally is cute, but the mama, not so much. I swear my belly doesn't fill that shirt out. I think I'm trashing the shirt after seeing this.

Daddy and Sally! She got a medal that she is quite proud of. Also, we planned on getting flowers there, but the lady in front of me got the last ones. The MacPhersons came with flowers just as I was calling Bill to tell him he'd need to run and get some. Did I mention how cool those MacPhersons are?

Halle, Sally, and Baily, such cuties!

The family

One last one of my tiny dancer. So proud!!


Camille said...

She is absolutely darling!

Mrs. Grigg said...

That was so cute! she's a beautiful ballerina

The Saxton's said...

How adorable! I love that she got her hands stuck in her skirt. I'm so glad we get to have her in our sunbeam class!

Becky said...

How fun is that to go to her first recital? The only thing better is if grandma was there...

Julie said...

Darling :)

Emily said...

She's got good rhythm! I wonder where she gets it?

Kat said...

Oh my heck that was awesome. She is adorable. What a cute family and for the record I think you look great.

Jessica said...

loved, loved, loved the video of Sally dancing. So cute. Loved talking to you the other day and loved seeing the Macphersons in the pictures! Tell them Hi for me.