Friday, April 25, 2008

Book Tag

So I was tagged with a fun, easy little diddy. The rules are simple-

Here’s what you do:
a)pick up the nearest book
b)turn to page 123
c)find the fifth sentence
d)post the fifth sentence
e)tag 5 (or more) people. Fun , fun, fun!!

The nearest book was Goodnight Moon, which sadly (or joyfully- can you imagine 123 pages of goodnights?), doesn't have 123 pages. So I turned to the next closest book, and being by a computer, it was a very exciting book of my dear computer guy.

"Load all fields into a work table, and then use SQL or PL/SQL to move whichever columns you desire into your production table"

This fun clip came from Oracle SQL Loader, The Definitive Guide, by Jonathan Gennick & Sanjay Mishra. Hope yours are more exciting. The cover does have a cool looking bug on it, though.

I tag my Mama, Amy, Jessica, Kelly and Lindsay. Perhaps this will force a post on some of you post lacking friends.


Emily said...


brendleca said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but in response to your webkinz question...Sally may be to young to play on the webkinz website, but she would probably enjoy the stuffed animal. You on the other hand probably won't want to play with the stuffed animal, but will enjoy the website...may I suggest tile towers. So, a little somethin' somethin' for the both of you.

DB said...

alright, alright post-lacking friend... How about, "The 2007 Rolex Junior All-American First Team includes the top 12 boys and top 12 girls in the nation." That comes from my golf husbands literature near the computer. Love you and your blog!!