Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympic Party

Last night we had a get together to celebrate the awesome Olympics.I thought it was some great fun. We had planned on watching the games, and did, but we ended up having our own little Olympic games too. My man did super well, winning gold in both push ups, and jump rope. He's so strong and manly!

We had some great food that everybody brought, I was pretty happy about our contributions. Not because I'm so awesome in the kitchen, but the means of making these particular items made me feel so satisfied. Last week, we got an ice cream maker at a garage sale. I tried it out yesterday, and the results were good- SUPER rich, but good. I also made some pizza, with pesto from our garden basil, garden tomatoes, garden onions (caramelized), and some non garden spinach and cheese. It is SO gratifying to go out and pick things from the garden and then use them. The MacPherson's brought some donuts that they frosted into the Olympic rings. How appropriate and awesome.

Oh, and that swimming race was CRAZY! I have never seen anything quite like it. Yay for Michael Phelps! Yay USA!

So, I failed at taking good pictures, but did take a couple of videos. The first is part of the push up contest. In case you can't hear, Jason announces Bill's count as 46. He's so great. The second is the barrel tossing. Bob did win this event, but this was not his winning throw, only the better footage. The men are awesome.

Diana didn't fail in the picture category- Definitely check it out at
Totally worth it.


Amy said...

That party looks completely awesome! What a great idea. And I love how you had your own olympics too. Did the women compete as well?

Marilyn said...

What a fun party! We had one 4 years ago but missed out this year due to a family reunion but we are LOVING the Olympics! Hope you're feeling well!