Thursday, August 7, 2008

This and That

Sleeping Sally

This last week has been SO much better in the sleep department. Sally Rose is now usually falling asleep with under a minute of crying. There have even been a few no scream sessions. Yay!! She still puts her shoes on, as in the picture. So cute. There was one night that she was down for about an hour and then started screaming. When I went in, she started asking for her crib. I think the poor thing fell out of bed. I did let her go the crib route that night, but now she's sleeping in the big girl bed every night. Hooray!

Breaking Dawn

This picture has nothing to do with this section, I just liked it.

Last weekend, I was so excited to go and get Breaking Dawn, the latest in the Twilight series. I went to midnight "party" to pick it up. You can learn more about that event from Emily Grigg here, if you'd like.

I finished it on Tuesday, and liked it. I thought it was very entertaining and I liked the twists in the plot. I have to admit, I cried in a couple spots. There were some things that bugged me a bit. If you haven't read it, and want to, I wouldn't continue reading this section. Not any major spoilers, but I wouldn't have wanted to read this before reading it.

I wish that everything didn't get wrapped up SO neatly. Bella ends up getting EVERYTHING. I wanted a happy ending, and I wanted Bella to be happy, I just feel like she got it all with, in the end, no cost. Sure, she was willing to sacrifice, but it wasn't needed in the end. I almost wish someone would have died or some relationship was damaged, but everything just ended up being perfect. There's also a part of me that questions whether it's wise to have this eighteen year old heroine married and having a baby and everything is happily ever after. I did relate to the baby part- a lot. I cried a few times through that. Having said all that, I really did enjoy it. I had a hard time putting it down.


So, this is Sally, and, while she is my friend, perhaps more relevant in that this was taken while playing with friends.

I've said it before, but I should say it more. I feel incredibly blessed to have been able to move here and make REAL friends so easily. That doesn't actually come naturally to me, but here, it kind of did. Having family so far away is really difficult for me. Hence my incessant phone calls to them. Having such good friends makes in SO much easier. So, thanks to all my great friends for being there for me. You probably do more for me than you realize.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a girls night out. It was fun! Here's a link to Diana's blog about it- There's a pretty good shot of my belly in there, so check it out. Also, the first game, I think I won by 2 pins or something. We were all evenly awesome when it comes to bowling. Oh, and I could tie my shoes, just not very modestly while wearing a skirt. Thanks Diana!


Can I just say that this girl is SO awesome and fun? I love her so much and she continually amazes me. She's putting more and more words together and it's so fun to hear her talk. She's also getting into using her imagination. Right now, one of her favorite games is rocket ship, where we go to the moon. She can recognize most of the alphabet letters on a regular basis, and is always pointing letters out while we drive. She's getting better with her colors too, although, I seem to have blue eyes to her. She is so fun and so affectionate. When I ask her where the baby is, she'll lift up my shirt and kiss my belly. She pretty much rules. Here's a quick video.


Julie said...

Sally is just so darling. I am glad that you are making friends and doing well. We miss you here, but are happy to hear that all is well :)

Amy said...

Hi Em - I love you! It's so exciting to see your family growing and Sally growing up. I LOVED that picture of you two in the pool. You just looked really happy. I miss you!

DB said...

Loved seeing Sally, she is SO big to me!!

DB said...

You looked so cute in the gno pictures!!! I loved your black shorts too. Glad to hear that Sally is sleeping better now. I almost called today, then I realized the time zone and figured you'd be in the middle of dinner. Love ya! jessica

becca said...

Hooray for sleeping babies! That picture of Sally sleeping is really cute! I love the whole shoe thing. I didn't read any of your Breaking Dawn paragraph because I haven't got the book yet. So, I will come back after I have read it to see what you thought.

P.S. I would LOVE to hang out with you in January! I can't wait! Could you please move back here?

Cicely said...

Ahhh... Breaking Dawn. We do live parallel lives.

Speaking of which, I'm getting Miles a big boy bed- and I am soo nervous about it. I'm glad you are going through it too.

Emily said...

your daughter is so pretty. I can't wait to see what the next one looks like!
I was a little disappointed with breaking dawn too. I wanted to see a big fight at the end. So when the Volturi left I wasn't satisfied. I knew she was going to get pregnant, and that the baby was going to be a girl and that Jacob would imprint her. It was a little predictable but I liked it and was happy when I was right.