Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sally's Music

These pictures don't really relate, but hopefully, make things a little cuter.
You have to click on this to see how cool her hair is. Sometimes she'll allow me to do fun things to her hair, other times, not so much. She was so dang cute this day, from head to toe.

My cute, cute family

Sally has gotten VERY particular about the music we listen to. I get a kick out of it. She's very opinionated and will let you know her opinions right away. She quite likes Radiohead, but only certain songs- I think 15 Step is her favorite of theirs right now. She's also discovered Finally Friday. She can be a real ego boost in that world. When the solo in Merry-Go-Round comes on, she says that it's pretty and beautiful. How sweet. She doesn't, however, like to listen to Catch a Glance.
She has fallen in love with cellos. I've had hopes for her to be a violinist, but if this love persists, I might have to let her follow in her uncle's footsteps. Whenever she hears any string music, she thinks it's a cello, and will tell you that a lot. She can, however, tell the difference when she sees them. We were at a violin shop a while ago and she just wanted to stay in the cello room the whole time. Since then, she loves looking through catalogs like Shar and pointing out the cellos.

I LOVE her eyelashes. She's one lucky girl to have them.
Sally Rose is also very opinionated about the songs we sing. Right now, she adores castle on a cloud, and we usually do it at bed time. She has to be in the right mood for I am a Child of God, and is pretty much "over" Head Shoulders Knees and Toes. I go into the nursery to do some singing each week, and she's started the others (for a total of three) on a not so nice habit. When I suggest a song she doesn't like, she immediately chimes in with No's and floor rolling and the like. She's turned the other kids on to that too, so with each song, there's at least one child doing backup of No No No. We're working on that one at home.
I love that she is tuned in to music and actually cares about what we listen to. She also likes a lot of classical music, especially if there is a cello involved. I hope to continue her love and passion, and hopefully broaden her musical horizons


Marilyn said...

It's too bad you don't like this little girl.

Amy said...

It's so awesome that she already loves music, especially cellos. Are you going to buy her one soon?

Alison said...

My children may have pretty, homemade things from their mommy, but your girls will have your incredible talent and love for music!!! It is our differences that make the world an interesting place! :)

becca said...

What a smarty pants! She knows what a cello is already. That is pretty awesome. I love that she is so particular about her music. Ty can be like that at times too. It is so funny. By the way, her hair in that first photo is amazing! The outfit is pretty darn cute too.

Emily said...

I love her eyelashes too. That cup on the bottom story is classic. I hope I can meet Sally sometime!