Thursday, October 2, 2008

Camping, well, sort of

Last weekend a bunch of our friends went camping. I really wanted to camp as well, but we ultimately decided it a little unwise to camp when you are almost 39 weeks pregnant. We did go up Saturday afternoon and had a lovely time.
This was the most important part, I think. I'd never thought to do steak over a campfire, but it turns out SO good! Oh, and that's the Lunt's food getting all fancy with bacon wrapped shrimp kabobs. I did have a shrimpy, and it was magic.
Braden warming up after playing in the cold water
Mom, do you see all these ghosts?
Julie never hides.
Layne and Braden- they are serious buddies.
We didn't come prepared to play in the water, but Sally really wanted to. She loved digging and just splashing around. It was cold at first, but you quickly became accustomed to it. It was FUN for all.
Cute friends, Bella and Bailey
Layne reminded me of a kid out of Lord of the Flies here. He would have survived.
Stacy warming up sweet Sally Rose.

This is a little water Macarena by Bella and Halle. Very nice.

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