Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Time

Christmas is upon us. It is such a fantastic time of year. People are generally nicer. Last year, Sally got pretty sick in the Christmas season. She had to be hospitalized and it wasn't a terribly fun experience. When she was coming home, I needed to pick up a prescription for her. I didn't realize how expensive it was-I was more than a little blown away. I decided to just buy half of what was prescribed, and get the rest later. I went on my way throughout the store shopping. When I was leaving, the pharmacist ran out to stop me. The gentleman who was behind me in the pharmacy line had paid for the medicine for us. He was gone, and I couldn't thank him, but I was definitely thankful. It was one of these experiences that only happen in a movie, but it was real. I love how people are more giving during the holidays. Christ is more on our minds, it makes us nicer, I think.

Since becoming a mother, Christmas has taken on new meaning. Having experienced birth, the story is more amazing. I can't imagine riding on a donkey in that state. I can't imagine being turned away from anything when I'm about to have a baby. I can't imagine going through the process with animals about me. I can't imagine having to put my sweet baby in a manger, where animals eat. I feel tremendous responsibility in raising up two of god's children. I can't imagine the feeling of raising up God's only begotten, the Savior. I can't imagine sending one of my babies to earth, knowing full well what that journey would entail. The Christmas story is full of unimaginable happenings. What's more amazing, is that it's not just a story- it really happened. Through that miraculous story, a savior really was born into this world. He literally saved us. Saved us in a way only he could, from our spiritual death- made it so we could be with our maker once more. I know I comprehend so little of the magnitude of these events, but the little that I do understand blows my mind- and I am grateful. Eternally grateful. This year, I hope to keep these feelings with me more consistently. With Christ on my mind, perhaps I'll be a little nicer, a little better all year round.


Amy said...

Well said Emily. The light of Christ always radiates from you. You are a beautiful person. I love you.

Alison said...

Oh my goodness, I just realized that is YOU in the picture. At first I thought it was a picture you found on the internet, then I thought, that looks a lot like IS Bill! It looks like a painting! Is that from the live nativity? It was good seeing you today! Merry Christmas!

Becky said...

You are so great...I just read this, and it brought tears to my eyes (something that seems to happen more often than it used to) You have such a sweet spirit. Thank you for seeing Christmas as it should be. I miss you!

Kedra Simpson said...

I love this post and agree with you 100%! I hope you had a wonderful christmas with your sweet family.

Hey, where is Joe these days? one of my old roommates worked at a camp with him and his new wife (well new then). Neither one of knew that the other person knew him....especially that he used to be my stepdad. It was a crazy day when we both realized we knew the same Joe Nicolich!