Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Bill!!!

Daddy Bill is thirty-five today! To honor such a momentous day, I will give you thirty-five Bill factoids. (Mixed in with pictures of him and the girls)

1. Bill's favorite candy is Neccos. I actually only recently learned this. I know few people who like these, but he loves them.

2. Bill does an awesome goat impression.
3. If Bill was a fighter, he'd want his nick name to be Bill the Bookworm (intimidating, right?)

4. Bill's triceps are amazing
5. Bill used to hip hop dance with a group called Trans Fusion Hype
6. Bill makes a mean crepe.
7. Bill is quite picky about clothes. It pays off because he always looks good
8. Bill collects old editions of classic literature.
9. Bill's favorite author is Joseph Conrad.
10. Bill loves poetry.
11. Bill loves Mexican food.
12. Bill would love to visit Croatia. That's where the name Nicolich hails from. I think that's what we should do for our 10th anniversary- we're half-way there!
13. Bill loves the Hudson River school art.
14. Bill likes lots of music, but likes techno a lot. He will listen to certain DJ's, like BT just to enjoy.
15. Bill was apparently a perfect child. Neither parent can give me any dirt on him as a little boy. He was so good and still is.
16. Bill majored in economics and minored in English. He got his associates degree from Dixie College and his bachelors from the University of Utah
17. Bill started programming as a boy- he made games he could play.
18. Bill likes role playing games like Fable and Oblivion.
19. Bill likes the names Boris, Craven and Dartanyan. He also ultimately chose Alice Marie, so he does have some good taste in names.
20. Bill is a cuddler. he likes to cuddle with both girls and even me. (Yay!!)
21. Bill has read quite a bit about human nature and why we act the way we do.
22. Bill has beautifully brilliant blue eyes.
23. Bill's speaking voice is to die for.
24. Bill slept with a ride on toy named Opie as a child.
25. Bill chose all black tuxes, shirts, and ties for the men in our wedding party. They looked so handsome- especially the groom.
26. Bill has a little goth in him.
27. Bill has a specific kiss that would melt any woman. Luckily, it only melts me now.
28. Bill is tender hearted. Here's an example. We had a mouse problem and Bill REALLY wanted to take him in as a pet. Silly, but so sweet.
29. Bill is a FANTASTIC daddy. He plays with the girls tons and is willing to be silly with them. Sally ADORES him. He sings lots of fun songs with them and lets Sally ride him like a horse. He's always willing to play with them.
30. Bill has a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
31. Bill puts up with me, which is really saying something.
32. Bill honors his priesthood.
33. Bill tells me he loves me every day.
34. Bill makes me a better person.
35. Bill is an excellent husband, father, and overall man. I am SO lucky he chose me to be his wife. I love him ridiculous amounts and hope he knows that. He is a great friend and I can't wait to see what new things I learn about him..
I love you Bill!! Happy Birthday!!!


Marilyn said...

Wow! I hope Bill appreciates all those wonderful compliments! Not many men are as lucky to have a cutie-patootee wife like you!

Julie said...

What a sweet tribute to your wonderful husband. happy Birthday Bill!

Alison said...

To answer your question, we had a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The steaks were for Friday, the last night. :)

Kedra Simpson said...

Happy Birthday Bill! I forgot that you and Chad have b-days so close together.