Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This and That

First off, did you check out the new header? My kids are cute for sure. I just wanted to give a little update on what's going on with us.

Sally is a sweetie for sure, though a sick one right now. We're trying to potty train a little bit, as evidenced in the picture, but we havn't been very or even remotely successful yet. She does look cute in her new undies, though.
This girl is all about singing these days. It is so adorable I can hardly stand it. She sings some real songs, but also makes up songs. Songs with awesome melodies and awesome words. Things like, "Stickers with animals and pretty colors". It's a Sally lyric original! Also, last Sunday, she enjoyed singing along with the hymns. Simply awesome.
One last thing about Sally. She loves holding hands. She asks to at the dinner table, relaxing on the couch, and even when I'm driving. (I have to turn her down on that one) She very often holds Alice's hand- especially in the car. What a sweetie.

Alice starting really rolling today! Earlier, she had a few rolls that were more flukes than anything, but this evening, they were real. It still takes her some time, but she definitely can do it. The hardest part is getting her arms in the right spot. She often tries with her arms airplaned out, like in this picture. I didn't know if I would be as excited about milestones the second time around, but I am so excited and proud of my little Alice!!

Alice also loves her tootsies these days. She loves to hold them and eat them and roll onto her side while going after them. She even tries to get them when she's in her Bumbo. In shoes, or bare toed, the girl loves her feet.
She has a new favorite game. One that will definitely get smiles and coos and sometimes the biggest laughter I've heard come out of that sweet mouth. I'll lay her on her back and do pushups over her. Each time down, I either giver her a little kiss or say something, or just count. She loves it! Maybe I'll get some toned arms as an added bonus.
I keep waiting for Sally to get jealous, but she and Alice get along beautifully. Sally loves helping Alice and tries to get her to smile. She gets so excited whenever Alice does, well, anything. It's so fun and such a great new dimension to motherhood. I love these girls SO much!!

One more very random bit. We got this Eric Carle book from the library around Christmas. Listen to the soundbyte, and tell me if it fills you with the Christmas spirit, or fear and horror.


Alison said...

The music is a little creepy from the book. Alice is such a champ at holding her head up! I love the picture of her smiling so big on her play mat.

Cicely said...

I want to eat your kids faces. Is that weird?

Jodi Simon said...

beautiful little girls for sure. lucky mom.

Amy said...

That music gives me the willies! I love the picture of Alice holding her head up. They're so sweet!