Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine for Emily

Happy valentines day to Emily! 25 Great things about Emily:
  1. She likes it that I can still skateboard.

  2. Barbecue pork topped with carmelized onions and apple. She always makes something tasty to eat.

  3. Her genetic code is replicated in our two wonderful daughters.

  4. She'll go to garage sales and thrift stores with me.

  5. She'll watch movies with me.

  6. The girls have a truly dedicated mother who loves them.

  7. She planted a nice herb garden last year with plans for another one this year.

  8. She's very nice to her violin students and only scares them on accident.

  9. She teaches Sally a variety of songs to sing.

  10. She does most of the blog work.

  11. She makes our house seem like a home.

  12. She initiates most of our fun plans.

  13. She is very sensible with purchases.

  14. Good friendship skills. She's made many friends and admirers here in Georgia.

  15. She takes the girls to the library every week.

  16. She only makes positive comments about my lame hair.

  17. Always up for having fun.

  18. Will play video games occasionally.

  19. She'll go to the renaissance festival with me.

  20. She'll read stories about vampires.

  21. She'll act excited when I'm excited about a boring technical project.

  22. Takes artsy photos and enjoys photography.

  23. If she receives chocolate, she'll share some with me.

  24. It's nice to be around her twenth-something youthful energy.

  25. She keeps our house free of rodents.


brendleca said...

Ahh,man. I'm workin on number 25...the breaks of living on a field. That Emily is a great gal, but I must say that we think you are also great...a great couple. Happy V-tine's Day.

Emily N said...

Bill- you are so sweet. Thank you for this. Seriously, thank you. I love you dearly. Oh, and that picture of you on a skateboard makes me want to tackle and kiss you. I can't wait for our no kids date tonight!!

Malea said...

You make yourself sound like an old man, next to her twenty something self. Very cute, Bill. Sorry to stalk like this. But it intrigues me when men take the initiative to blog. All of your girls are beautiful, congrats.

Jodi Simon said...

Sounds like both of you are lucky in love, with a sweet family. I am happy to see it and its great you shared with us. Love ya!