Friday, April 3, 2009

My Take on Portland

Emily did a nice post on Portland. I'd like to add a post since it's my home town.

It's not hard to have a good time in Portland! We managed it this year in March while it rained and snowed.

Go east about 40 minutes, you can drive up the Columbia River Gorge, a high-end scenic drive with great lookouts, parks, hikes and waterfalls.

Any fans of the movie Twilight out there? Well, I noticed a picture of the Multnoma Falls in the closing credits. That's the more famous waterfall that we visited in the Gorge. It's got a nice lodge at the base where we had lunch.

It might take an hour going east to be at Mt. Hood where there's snow year-round. So, if you need mountains, the Cascade Mountain Range is there for you.

Feeling land-locked and want to go to the beach? No problem. Head west for under two hours and you're at the Scenic Oregon Coast.

Portland is one of those cities with a river running through it with bridges going across the river and waterfront parks. In March, the Saturday Market opens up down by the waterfront in the historic district.

I hope that gives you some idea of why this is a cool city to live nearby.

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Emily N said...

I love this, and I love you. Did you know that Multnomah is also in the baseball scene of Twilight? You can check it out on blue ray now- I picked it up today.