Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pix from the Mix

This is pretty much pictures of my girls. A scrapbooking entry, if you will. There isn't much rhyme or reason, but lots of cuteness. Grandma's, enjoy.
Oh, and I love spring, but it doesn't love me back. My allergies are HORRIBLE right now. I look horrible, with constantly puffy eyes, and I swear my nose grows even bigger, if that's possible. I continually have people tell me I don't look well. That's an ego boost for you. Anyway, on to the good stuff.
I LOVE Sally's face in this picture. She is so loving those daddy tickles!

Can you see who is in the background? Thomas! I'm more impressed with Bill. Isn't he so handsome? We got to ride him at Six Flags. We were there for an afternoon because I played there with Ryan Casper. I think he got some good exposure. It was fun too!

Little Alice. What a cutie. I never really use headbands, but I thought she looked adorable.

Look at her, sitting up like a big girl.

This is hard to tell what's going on, but they are both dead asleep in the car- notice the slumped head. Also notice their clasped hands. Very sweet.

This is the best I could get of the girls in their Easter outfits. Neither was very cooperative, but they did look cute.

I love the Joy on Alice Marie's face- she loves playing with her big sister!

Funny that They were making the same face.

Sally will put two tiles together and ask you to read her these "books". Sometimes, she tells stories too. Today, she told Bill a very in depth story involving wolves and houses, treats after dinner, and the words,"you'll always be a part of me." It's so fun to see her play like this. I love to peek in on her when she doesn't know I'm there. Her stuffed animals are mostly nice, but occasionally get time-outs. Very cute.

We got to meet all the Looney Tunes characters- which was a real treat for me. I LOVE them! Sally wanted to get close, but then got nervous. She kept her fingers in her mouth most of the time.

The camera was on a weird setting, so it's black and white, but who doesn't like to meet Foghorn Leghorn?

Alice was cute in her summer hat.

I love seeing cardinals about. I never saw one till we moved out here.

In the previous post, I mentioned how Alice will suck on my chin on occasion. Apparently, too hard. Yes, that's a hickey given to me by my six month old.

Pretty in pink


t.t.turner said...

Love the hicky, and your girls are BEAUTIFUL (so are you)!

Jodi Simon said...

The girls are so cute!!

Alison said...

Cute girls! Watch your wording about Thomas/Bill: "Isn't Bill handsome? We got to ride him at Six Flags." :) I chuckled to myself when I read this part!

I love the picture of them holding hands asleep in the car.

Kat said...

You've got some great pictures in there. Your girls are seriously gorgeous.

Emily said...

I love cardinals too! Everyone around here thinks I'm such a dork that I get so excited about them. They have a really pretty song, too.
That picture of the girls asleep and holding hands makes me sooooo excited to give Abby a sibling!