Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Emily made me a nice Father's Day breakfast. Lucky me! As part of my appreciation, I thought I'd take photos.

Father's Day dinner was a bonus. Emily said she'd make me whatever I wanted. So, I requested bacon-wrapped filet mignon, "funeral potatoes" and green bean caserole. Wala. It magically appeared and was delicious!

As part of the day I got to take a nap and read a book. I read a chapter from Neil Postman's "Technopoly." It's a really good book.

Sally kept telling me Happy "Mother's Day."


Kat said...

Your meal looks amazing. You will have to give me some tips Em. I love that Sally kept saying happy mothers day.

brendleca said...

Happy "Mother's" Day Bill. I forget you have chef in the house...luckeeeeeeee.