Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is one of my garden helpers. Sally often asks if she can help water the plants. Recently she learned to put the water down by the roots instead of on top of the plants.

First Pepper Crops

Our pepper plants are starting to yield some peppers. However, a majority of our pepper plants are showing signs of infection from a fungus that causes the leaves to wilt and fall off the plant. I've got at least one plant that has no leaves right now. Very sad.

What will I do about these pepper plants? Well, I've been watering them frequently, which I think has helped the fungus more than the plants. So, I'll stop watering them as frequently. I might experiment with a couple of plants by letting them go without water for a good bit of time to see if I can dry up the fungus that way--while hopefully saving the plant.

I spent a small fortune on these plants. I got them at Home Depot for about $3,29 each. Next year, nearly everything will be from seed.

I'm sad about the peppers, but I'm still hopeful about the tomatoes. Also, the four types of basil are turning in a good yield along with the Greek oregano, mint and lemon balm.

Also the beets and radishes I just put in are growing nicely.


t.t.turner said...

Ooooh, I love beets lately. Take some beets, balsalmic vinegar, arugula, and goat cheese - amazing.

Jessica said...

so fun to catch up on you, Bill and your girls!!