Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Battle with the Hornets

Despite the sound advice made by some of you, I went ahead with the operation "Sting First."

If you click the image you can get a better look. There are several hornets attached to the outside of the nest.

Although it's summer time in Atlanta, I put work gloves, a ski jacket with velcro sleves and a scarf--you know, to keep the hornets out of my jacket. I opened the window just high enough to get my arm out. Then I sprayed the entire can into the nest from about 4 feet away.

Hornets started streaming out of the nest. Some escaped and started hovering around. The operation was dicey there for a minute. There are still some hornets out that are not able to return to the nest.

From a downstairs window, some of the hornets can be seen. They are large and evil looking. You can see the stinger from a mile away.

Removal operations will commence on Monday.


t.t.turner said...

Those hornets are HUGE! You're so brave!

Kat said...

Holy cow you are brave. That would freak me out beyond all reason.

The Saxton's said...

Wow, that's a huge nest! Congratulations on your successful evacuation and good luck on the rest of your "sting" operation, haha?