Monday, July 27, 2009

Trapped in the Bathroom

I'm behind. Catching up seems daunting, but I'm starting the process. It's not that there are tons of people out there chomping at the bit to see what I have to say, but this is my journal. Really, I need to find a way to store this stuff because I'm fully counting it as my personal history. Much has happened, but I'll start with this amusing little story.
A little while ago, I was in the bathroom. (you can tell it will be good, right?) Sally decided to come in with me, and Alice was crawling around just outside the room. The picture is what the set up of our bathroom is. The door on the right goes to the hall, the camera is in is the sink part of the bathroom, and the door on the left is the toilet and bathtub portion.

So anyway, Sally and i are in the potty portion when along comes Alice. She pushed the hall door all the way open, which created this situation.

This picture was taken from the bathtub part of the room. Both doors here are fully open, and you can see the hall door is blocking the doorway out of the toilet chamber. This is no big deal, because Alice can't keep us in, right? There's no way a nine month old could trap her mom and sister. Except for this.

This is taken from the doorway of the potty part of our loo. See those menacing drawers? Usually, they are not so menacing, but our sweet little Alice pulled the bottom drawer open; all the way open. This made it impossible for me to get out. So, I was stuck in the bathroom with this darling,

While this sweetie had the entire upstairs to roam. By herself.

Luckily, she pretty much stayed by the door the entire time.

My first thought was to try to coax Alice into closing the drawer. Being nine months old, she didn't oblige. I then tried- many, many times- to reach my fingers through the crack and help the drawer closed. This never worked. I could get my hand painfully through, but it created more pressure on the drawer, and it wouldn't budge. I tried to get Sally and her smaller hands to help, but that wasn't working either. I tried using the handle of a toilet brush. I took down the shower curtain rod and tried to go over the top of the door. I tried folding a magazine and going under the door. I tried to comfort myself thinking perhaps Bill would be coming home for lunch. In about 3 hours. None of this worked.

Meanwhile, Sally is saying things like, "Oh no. This is so crazy!" and "We're never going to get out." Alice is crawling around, and mostly being pleasant, but starts to get weary of only seeing my fingertips after about fifteen minutes. After being in there for 25 minutes (and deciding to always take a cell phone to the potty), I decide we need help. Sally and I knelt down in the small space and we said a prayer.

About one minute later, two things happened. Alice pushed a thin cardboard tube (the kind that goes on a wire hanger) an inch or so under the door. She also bumped the drawer so that it closed a little bit. With the drawer in a bit and the with my new "tool", I was able to jimmy the drawer shut and open the door to our freedom. We were reunited at last!

Little Sally was relieved to be out,

And Alice was happy to be held and fed.

They were happy to be together again.

I was the most relieved, I'm sure. It was good to be out, but even better to be reminded of the power of prayer. This was the kind of experience that kids have, and maybe it was for Sally's benefit, but I was completely floored. The answer to our prayer came swift and sure. I think Heavenly Father heard my plea, and decided I needed some help. I am very grateful for that help, and for the opportunity we have to communicate with our maker at any time.

PS These pictures were from a little tea party we had. I dressed up too. We had special petit fours and pink milk for tea- delightful little lunch.


Alison said...

That is such a fun and inspiring story! I'm sure at the beginning you were thinking, "We can't be in here that long. I'll find a way out." But I would be freaking out after 20 minutes! Thanks for sharing.

becca said...

I would have been freaking out!!! That is a really neat story though. How everything worked out the way it did in the end. Way to keep your cool, you did better than I would have.

Love the tea party. What a cute mom you are. Oh how would it be to have a girl....

Kat said...

That story was totally awesome. I too think you handled it well. I loved the tee party too. How cute.

Becky said...

Proof positive that Heavenly Father listens to all prayers, and helps when we need it.

Emily said...

Your story reminds me of when we were trapped out of our house because I couldn't get our back door to open. Our front wasn't accessible because our hardwood floors were just stained. Abby and I had a fun lunch in the car! Being stuck somewhere with a cute daughter is a fun memory, after your done stressing and crying during the first few moments!

Jessica said...

I got claustrophobic just reading that!! Your girls are so lucky to have you be a stay-at home mom for them!! Loved seeing you in utah!!!