Sunday, August 30, 2009

Date Night

Here's a picture of what I see every morning. I see a darling wife and two cute little girls who usually make their way to the big bed.

Now on to the story. Recently, we went on a Date night. Emily had a great idea. We went laser-tagging. Mostly the patrons were young teenagers. Then there was us - yay! The establishment smelled like a roller-skating rink - a mixture of popcorn, processed snacks, sweat, video game exhaust, rainbows and unicorn droppings.

Emily scored better than I did on both rounds. Later she revealed that one of her chief tactics was to exploit the weakest opponents the whole time - you know - shoot the "noob" over and over again. Why does this vest keep lighting up like that? Huh.

I wished I could have set my own name - but apparently the laser tag software isn't that sophisticated. I would have been "The Bad Home Teacher."

We ate at my favorite restaurant: Yo Yo Ma. They've got three restaurants in one building - Chinese, Thai and Japanese. I had Coconut Soup from the Thai menu, shared sushi with Emily, and had mongolian beef for the entree. Delicious!

Emily seemed to have fun too. I submit the following photgraph as proof.

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brendleca said...

Good times. We need a date night in a major way. Too bad you guys aren't closer we'd love to double some time.