Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Hunt is On!

The Saturday before Easter our dear friends the MacPherson's invited us to come to their big family party/ Easter egg hunt. It was SO much fun! Sally loved it especially. She loves being around kids and there was lots to see and do. It was a little windy but beautiful and all around awesome. It's so nice to be able to go to events like this when you can't go to your own family celebrations. It really does mean so much to me, so thanks much for letting us intrude. Also, thanks to Stacy for taking all these pictures. I could have added so many more! I'm almost to the point of buying one- trying to decide between the Canon S5 IS and the Panasonic DMC-FZ8. If any of you know anything about either of these or a different direction I should go in, let me know.

Here's our little sweetie hunting for some loot

Our whole family got to get in on it. That's a good thing about having a toddler- you get to be a part of the fun to help. I say adults should get a hunt all their own. Who's with me?

Love this shot. She's just so dang cute.

Surprised by that egg

She kept giving her eggs to Bill, but she'd get mad if I got one

Checking out a cool clam she found. I love how intently she looks at things

She liked the duckies. The girl's got a mean quack

So pretty

She found one!

Then, it goes in the basket.

After a great day, Sally Rose was ready for her nap.


DB said...

So, so cute! Hey, I'm in on the adult hunt! Great to see your cute family. We miss you guys.

T&T Turner said...

Emily she is so gorgeous! I kind of stumbled on your blog, and am so excited to find out what you're up to! I'll keep a-peeking at it, if that's okay... you can peek at ours. It's been forever!

Tally Oldroyd Turner

Becky and David said...

I am happy and sad at the same time when I see stuff like's sad not to a part of those things, but I love seeing the pictures. I especially love the piggytails!

Amy said...

So cute! It's great that you have so many friends that let you in on their parties.

Marilyn said...

Sally is an absolute living doll!! Those pictures are priceless. What a cute mom and dad she has, too! We sure had a good time at dinner tonight with your mom and dad!! They're the top!!

Lizz Pizza said...

Could this really be Emily Hesterman?????? If its not... sorry! If it is... this is Lizz Clayton!! How are you?!!

Emily said...

mom's aren't supposed to have fun! they provide the fun. Those pictures are awesome.

becca said...

I meant to leave a comment here a long time ago. These pictures are beautiful! She is the most adorable little thing! I hope I get to see her and you when you come to visit.