Thursday, March 20, 2008

Munching to the beat of her own drummer

So, our darling Sally Rose is FINALLY getting some bottom teeth! This is a chart of what is fairly normal in the teething world.
Now, listen to the world of Sally's mouth. She was toothless till she was 14 1/2 months, then, she got one of her upper central incisors (her front teeth). This was followed shortly by the arrival of two upper molars. Then, the second front tooth graced her sweet gums. This all happened in a pretty short amount of time, and then... nothing. I kept checking and waiting and worrying about those teeth. I was afraid she'd need little dentures on the bottom. Well, I finally got a peek of two lower central incisors just about to erupt their way into the world. This chart says they are supposed to come in at six months. She's only 11 months late. You might also notice how crazy the whole order is. It's okay. I celebrate the individual! (And no baby polydent!)


Amy said...

I was kind of excited to see baby dentures. I guess you won't have to cut up her food so small anymore!

Marilyn said...

Hey, I was toothless until I was 13 months old. My mom said it was so I couldn't bite my big brother when he was teasing me.

Emily said...

Abby's teeth are coming in a funny order too. She had three on the bottom for a while, then a top "fang," and now her front tooth on top. I'm glad we have unique children.