Friday, March 14, 2008

There's a real, live, moving baby inside me!

So, I got to see our cute baby this week! As soon as I can get the photos to a scanner, I'll post them. It's just as magical to see that little peanut moving around as it was with Sally. I could see a little leg kicking. It makes the whole pregnancy seem so much more real. I immediately teared up (surprise). It won't ever cease to amaze me how quickly they develop and change. They did the ultrasound (which is a word I love. It sounds like an 80's metal band) to determine a due date. I guess I felt a little small for how far along I said I was. Anyway, they changed the date by a few days to October 6th! Crazy right? No? Well, crazy to me because that was Sally's due date. What are the odds? I guess I have one fertile day a year or something. I wasn't expecting an ultrasound, So Bill was on Sally duty. I wish he could have seen it. It's times like these I wish I had family near to help. We have great friends here, but we all know no one is like family.

I've been getting pretty familysick lately. One month from now, I'll be visiting with most of them. I'm SO excited. I think we bought these tickets last May- we got them on a super bargain.

Also, speaking of tickets and May, we got tickets to the Radiohead show! I am so excited to hear all the ultra sounds of their amazing music. It sold out the day they went on sale and, sadly, I failed to get any then. I finally got some on Ebay. I didn't even have to pay crazy amounts for them. Lots of good things to look forward to. Especially come October!


Amy said...

It sounds like all is well with the Nicolich clan (or coven whatever that is). We can't wait until you come!! April 12th!

Marilyn said...

What a lucky baby to have such a cute and caring mom! I'm excited to see you in May - we're going to visit our Emily in May - I hope we're around to see you!

Emily said...

the same due date, that's awesome. Are you going to have two Oct 13 babies? That was Sally's bday right? Sounds like a party! Wish I could see you! Maybe someday.