Friday, October 3, 2008

Three Days till D-Day

I have three days till I'm due. I am SO ready. Well, not really. There are still quite a few things to get done, and yet, here I sit on the computer. My body and mind, however, can't get her here fast enough. I never really got to this point with Sally- I enjoyed being pregnant to the end. And beyond in her case. This time, however, I just feel achy and uncomfortable. This child really loves pushing against my ribs. Sally Rose never did that. I know I have it pretty easy when I compare to other pregnancies I've heard of, this one is just a bit harder than my last. So we're cheering her on to get here! If any of you have ANY tips on getting a baby to come any faster, let me know. I'm willing to try pretty much anything. My mom comes in tomorrow, and I've been waiting to try some of the "riskier" methods till she gets here. But the time has come, so bring on the old wives tales!
I hope her dandelion wish is for her baby sister to come. This dress is reversible and awesome. It's probably my favorite article of clothing Sally has and guess what- Bill bought it for her. He got it at the Utah Art's Festival when he was in SLC. He did a good job.

We took this last night. Pretty big, right? My stomach is actually measuring a little small. People also act surprised when they find out how far along I am- but I do look pretty huge, right? I certainly feel ready to pop.

Just a belly shot- oh what a belly it is.

Sally has been SO sweet these last few days. Her whining has been minimal, and she's been super affectionate. She loves kissing my belly and giving all kinds of big hugs. She also is in love with these big legos. We got them at a garage sell last week- a very good purchase. The other garage sale find I am excited about? A mini glider. So Sally and I can both rock our babies at the same time. She is just so dang sweet. Check out how smart she is here.


Leslie said...

I didn't realize you were due so soon! How you look great! Hope all goes well, I am excited to check back for pictures of the new beautiful girl. Congratulations!

Cicely said...

Good luck my friend. I have a rib kicker too, but I just thought it was part of the deal. Miles was that way too.

Please tell your mom hi for me.

Let me know how having two goes!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you took a belly shot! It actually looked adorable. Now get out that breast pump and get pumping! I can't wait to see if it works.

becca said...

I am so excited to see pictures of this rib kickin little cutie! If you discover any tricks for going into labor let me know. One day I hope to find out what it is like to go into labor on my own. After two kids you'd think I'd know, but nope. You are really cute pregnant!

brendleca said...

Hey Emily and Bill. Just wanted to wish you luck on the upcoming events. How exciting. Can't wait to see pics of the new little bundle. Again good luck with everything. Oh, any names yet? Just wondering. One more thing, I loved the belly pic. You look great!!!

Marilyn said...

Okay, Emily, here are a few suggestions for bringin' it on - (1) When I was 10 days past my due date with Heidi, I took 3 oz. of castor oil (at the suggestion of my doctor, if you can believe it). It worked - she was born the next morning - but I did have to put up with the runs first. (2) My mom used to say "jump off of a table without bending your knees. (3) My daughter-in-law, Elise, swears by the "marriage bed" approach. I've been told by others, too, that this really works. So, get Bill to get you, that's all I will elaborate on!

We were there at the art festival when Bill bought that cute dress. Our Abby has one, too!!

Good luck, cutie!!!

Kedra Simpson said...

I am just getting caught up on hopefully you have had the baby and everything went well! You looked great and I am very excited for you guys!! Can't wait to see the baby!

DB said...

Hey where are the stretch marks!?