Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiny Dancer

Sally Rose won this tutu from a friend's blog contest. Doesn't she look adorable? and isn't my friend talented and crafty? At first, she surprised me by not being that interested. Now, however, she wants top wear it all ther time. She loves spinning in circles- and looking through it. You'll have to excuse my singing- it's really bad. Sorry. Sally, though, is adorable!

I can't post without putting up some new pictures. Here they are.
This was Alice's first time in the bumbo- she has great head control so we tried it out. I love Sally Rose in this picture.

Alice in the bumbo again- I love her expression.

Such a good baby girl

Loving sisters- hopefully the love will last through the ages

I love Sally's eyes here- and Alice looks so cute too. I only wish there were no binkies.
You can see how big she's getting here. Her cheeks have filled out- and check out her cleavage!

Two of my favorite people

One last Alice shot. I love my girls so much!


brendleca said...

Two of the cutest little girls ever. Hope everyone is adjusting well. It looks you all are. Just wanted to let you know that you've been boo-ed. Come to my blog to pick up your picture...cackle, cackle.

Alison said...

The baby cleavage comment cracked me up! Both girlies are darling!

Tammy said...

I love that she loves the tutu. Sorry it is too big... room to grow, right? But it makes me happy to see her twirl around!

Becky said...

Very cute. Sally is going to have to get ballet lessons from Aunt Wendy.

So, 2 questions...What the heck was she wearing under the tutu?

And where did she get the phrase, "Tiny Dancer"?

Cicely said...

I'm amazed that she can sit up! That's awesome! I better get one of those.