Saturday, May 9, 2009


I adore motherhood. I've never felt as fulfilled as when I'm wearing my mom hat. Hearing Sally say, "I love you way much, mama," or seeing Alice's excitement when she sees me after her nap fills me with a kind of joy I didn't know existed three years ago. Then, there's seeing them succeed. Every new skill, every resolved problem makes me feel all....glowy. Like there's this wonderful feeling inside of me that wants to burst out. I love it. I know it isn't all laughter and hugs. We have our blow-out diapers, public meltdowns, irreverent church meetings, and messy messes. There are times they drive me nuts, and times I question my ability. But I love them. And I love being their mother. My whole life, my number one desire has been to be a mom. Now that I am, I find it to be so much better than I expected.

Ever since Bill (who is wonderful, and enables me to stay home with my awesome girls) wrote his poetry entry on this little blog, I've been working on a poem about my girls and the way they make me feel. I'm no "real" poet, but here is this little diddy.

Pixie Eyes and Curious Hands

With pixie eyes to light my path
I travel through the dark,
Beyond vast seas, our little bath
Where mermaids outwit sharks.

Those pixie eyes with vivid light,
Each spectral hue intense,
Enhance, improve my inner sight
With truth and no pretense.

These curious hands that keep me warm
Through busy, starfish touch,
Ignite my hearth in wintry storm;
Heat fills me with a rush.

Small curious hands that hold my face
Reach up, and melt my core.
They blanket me with sweet embrace;
Like ocean coats the shore.

The light, the warmth; most precious gifts
That raise me high above
The earth, the rain, the clouds adrift,
To atmospheric love.

At times, I’m lost. In unknown lands;
Strange trees through which I roam.
With pixie eyes and curious hands
I know that I am home.


t.t.turner said...

Your poem is beautiful - it really, truly made me tear up. You're amazing. Happy Mothers Day!

Becky said...

OK, you know how I am about poetry, but that was beautiful. I especially loved the part about melting the core. You are a wonderful mom, you make me proud and happy!

Amy said...

I know how much you love being a mom, and I could feel the love in your poem. Add poetry to the list of things you do amazingly well!

Emily said...

I would love to hang out with you and your kids sometime and witness you as an awesome mommy. Your girls are just so v=cute, and I feel the same way about motherhood. I miss you!