Friday, May 22, 2009

Lexington, Virginia

So, last weekend, we were supposed to go camping. Then, our group opted out because of some scary weather forecasts. What's a Nicolich to do? Go on an impromptu trip to Virgina, of course. We decided at about eleven on friday night and woke up at four Saturday morning to go. I am very happy we went- it was a great time!

Why Lexington? Bill served a mission in Virgina 16 years ago. He hadn't been back before now, and we decided this would be a good opportunity. We got to see members of the ward, and people he taught. That was really great! There was one guy he taught, and then didn't know what happened to him. it turns out, he was baptized shortly after and has been a strong member ever since. We also chatted with some bluegrass musicians that he worked with. Who knows, maybe that will afford me an opportunity to play sometime. We also went to some caverns, saw a natural wonder called Natural Bridge, checked out the LDS standards school Southern Virgina University, checked out Washington and Lee university, saw the remains of Stonewall Jackson in a neat cemetery, checked out the remains of Robert E. Lee in a chapel dedicated to him and enjoyed lots of time with our little family.

Here's the breakdown of our trip. It's out of order. I hope that's okay.

Sally sulking amongst some headstones

Cool gravestones

Sally had some rough moments. She's become...more difficulty lately. I'll post on this later and ask for tips. There will be a family post first- my parents are here! and Wendy and her fam will be here on Sunday!

Handsome and ready to see people from his past

I'm always behind the camera, but i did snap this one of myself. Nice lips, right?

Alice fell asleep in Daddy's arms when we were looking at Natural Bridge

Getting her toes wet

Natural Bridge

Daddy and Sally in the caverns

Happy girl!

Poor Bill had an eye problem. He was hesitant about meeting people while having red eyes, but is super glad he did.

Just a pretty Sally shot

She enjoys life to the fullest.


I think this is so pretty

My cute family. You know you're jealous.

What a sweet girl.

This is at Stonewall Jackson's grave/statue. People always put lemons there because he had a fondness for fruit. Weird. Also, confederate flags are weird to me. I do like this picture, though.

Lots of pretty old gravestones


Marilyn said...

I am so jealous! Nothing is more fun than visiting historical sites and, especially, old cemeteries! Seriously, I love old graveyards!

Amy said...

It's awesome that you embraced the moment and headed out on a spontaneous trip! It looks super fun. You're brave to attempt a long roadtrip with kids. Looks like it paid off.

Emily said...

Abby has been a little more difficult lately too. But she's still sweet like I'm sure Sally is. Family vacations are the best, especially when you're hanging out with just your own little family. Next time you need a spur of the moment trip, think of Michigan! (Not a lot of people do these days...)

Jessica said...

Way to sieze the moment! That's awesome that you took advantage of a great opportunity to be together and experience something unique to you and your families memories. miss you guys! love, jessica