Saturday, May 2, 2009


We said goodbye to a friend this week. An old friend, but he was very sick. Half dead, in fact. So sick he was losing limbs whenever it stormed. Sick enough to make me extremely anxious every time there was ANY wind. And so when the knock on the door came of men offering to do any tree work for an inexpensive price, we said okay.

Here it comes down. It was louder in real life than it seems here.

This is half of it on the ground. Can you see how far the branches go into the circle? He was over 80 feet tall.
After half was gone. Can you see how many leaves are on this half? It was time.

Before- and on a misty day in January...

and after
Goodbye tall friend! Time will tell what goes in your place. Another tree? Flowers? The possibilities are enough to drive any indecisive girl nuts.


t.t.turner said...

I absolutely LOVE your house. Ah, to live in a place where houses are made of brick. :)

Mrs. Grigg said...

yeah! I think your house looks great without the tree! I'm excited for all of your possiblities now. It's totally worth it.

Becky said...

I like it without the tree too! Now the whole house can be seen. Good riddance to that dead thing!

Jodi Simon said...

we have trees in the neighbors backyard-luckily across the street that sway up to 4-5 ft. in either direction. i am always scared for them. you have a great looking house. definately east coast, not what you see her in oregon. have fun with the yard!

Amy said...

I forgot how totally cute and awesome your house is! I hope I can come visit it in person someday.