Friday, January 16, 2009


Our Christmas this year was SOOOO good! (said like Strong Bad in the Teen Girl Squad series) It was our first one with no family about, but it was still really nice. Our little Nicolich coven was happy and full of love and Christmas cheer. We also got to play with great friends. Here are a plethora of pictures to take you through our great holiday.

Christmas Eve was very nice for us. Bill worked a part day and came home to play. The Griggs came over for a traditional Christmas Eve meal. We watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas and had a delightful time

Christmas eve- I love how you can't see Bill's head here- the girls have taken over his body! Also, can you see that they are wearing Christmas colors?

Bill looks so happy and cute here. I love that this attractive man is my husband!

Joe played some mean violin while here. I think he should take some full time lessons- there's a boatload of potential.

The girls opening their candy cane jammies. Sally wasn't too excited that night, but they are now her favorite jammies to wear.

Emily and Alice watching Joe get down with the fiddle.

This was our spread- all this for four adults and a two year old! We had a green salad, Waldorf salad, ham, funeral potatoes, yams and apples, asparagus and carrots. It was all super yummy and awesome.
Santa did the Nicolich family good! He must have spent a good deal of time building that cool arch. I don't think he has a very mechanical mind, so there were probably lots of failed tries.

Looking through the arch to the world of wonder.

Christmas Day! I always love Christmas, but having a child who comprehends at least part of it makes it so much more fun and magical.
Sally came into our bed at about 3:30. I was SO excited, and considered really getting up then. I brought Alice in to eat at about 7:00, and she fell back asleep. This picture was taken close to 8:00- and there's no signs of waking. We had to work really hard to get Sally awake- soft brushes and whispers had to turn into tickles and loud voices to get her to stir. Usually I love for them to sleep in- this morning, however, I was anxious for them to wake.

Sally LOVES this magnetic doll. It was the biggest hit of the presents.

Cutie with some new keys- she's so cute I could eat her up.

It was so warm on Christmas. We played outside for a bit.

Helping Sally bike while talking to the fam.

That afternoon we went to the church for the MacPherson extended family party. They are all SO nice and accepting of us. There was a ton of food and some world class entertainment. They do an annual program which included some singing, dancing, and all kinds of good music things. Layne played his violin, and I even got roped into playing. I'd have to say the highlight was the MacPherson elf dance. Cute and funny at the same time.

Sally loved playing with the signs for the program

Mommy and Sally watching the cool program- can you see how cool my shirt is?

Although it doesn't look like it here, Sally was very excited to participate. She loves playing with all kids- especially older ones.

The MacPhersons did a dance to the Happy Elf. Bob was the grumpy elf they were trying to cheer up- it was classic.

That evening, we went to the MacPherson's again to enjoy a little xbox and fun. The Griggs came over as well and a delightful time was had by all. The kids were cute, and it was a nice end to our great day.

Halle and Bailey with the baby
Just two more. These were my favorite clothes gifts the girls received. Aren't they so cute?

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becca said...

Sounds like you guys had some good times! I love that you almost got up at 3 am to open presents. You are an awesome mom! Your girls are beautiful and I especially love the picture of Alice in her blessing dress with the big smile on her face. Beautiful! I hope I get to see you when you come in town. Can I?