Friday, January 9, 2009

A weekend of Grandparents, Temple, Blessing, Nativity and Awesomeness

I must warn you that there are quite a few pictures here. Mind you, they were all taken in the same weekend, it was just a VERY eventful weekend. (I'm still playing catch up, Christmas is still to come...) This isn't in chronological order, but I did try to group events together. I bet the two of you who look at this don't care either way. Anyway, here was our great weekend.

We had Grandparents come to visit us in December!!! My mom came out first, and as I already said, we went down to Florida. Bill's dad and step mom came out the day we got back. it was all to honor our little Alice sweetie for her blessing.

Grandpa Joe meeting Alice for the first time

Grandma Becky getting her last taste of baby for a while

Nicolich Grandparents being silly

On Sunday night, we went down to the chapel by the temple for their annual Christmas devotional. My mom and I played Greensleeves. It was SO great to play with her again. I don't think she gives herself the credit she deserves- she is a great pianist and great at accompanying. Accompanying is a skill I've found to be a bit unique- not all great players can accompany, but my mom is fantastic. She watches and follows. We also played in church that afternoon, Silent Night. Both went well. It was nice to be there with everyone.
This was taken at the devotional- all the girls.

This was at the Temple, can you see it? It was beautiful.

I can't remember who, but one Nicolich grandparent took this picture out the car window. Isn't it spectacular?

Sunday afternoon was very special. Alice received her baby blessing. Grandparents were there, and that made it even more special. I am VERY grateful to have a wonderful priesthood holding husband who is able to give such blessings. He did an absolutely beautiful job. The blessing was perfect. It was also nice to have some of our Georgia friends participate. Our friends out here fill some of the role our family would, if they lived near. They are all so nice. It was great to have some of them be there for this special event. Alice didn't cry, and looked adorable. Here are a few in her blessing dress.

How sweet is that face?

She had on little ruffle bum tights. I love ruffle bums.

Here she is under the tree. The concept was supposed to be Alice Marie as a present. unfortunately, it doesn't come across that way. She does look sweet here, though, doesn't she?

Daddy Daughter time

I know, the dress is hiked up, but she's adorable. Sally also wore this sweater when she was blessed. Cool, eh?
Such a happy sweetie!

The Saturday before the blessing, we had the opportunity to play the holy family in a live nativity at our church. We were supposed to do it for three hours, but having a live baby can shorten that time. We did it for an hour, which worked well. I was really impressed with the quality of the stable and such. It wasn't too cold, but a little brisk. The layers kept us warmer. I thought the experience was awesome, and the following pictures are priceless.

I know I posted this with the Christmas post, but how awesome is it? Did you know it was us when you saw it there?

I don't want anyone to think we forgot sweet Sally Rose. She was in on all the fun too.

This was at the Nativity. Our friend Bob played with her most of that time. She LOVES him- even talks about him at home. Thanks Bob!

While My mom was still here, we went to INK, a children's museum type place. While there, we painted ornaments for the tree. I think we'll make a few ornaments every year from now on. I love Sally's lip in this picture. This is her look of concentration.

More of that

Cute girl with a book. The girl loves to read. her daddy is so proud.

How cute is this picture? Sally's eyes never cease to amaze me. From a very unbiased opinion, the Nicolich daughters are gorgeous


Cicely said...

The Nicolich daughters ARE gorgeous.

Amy said...

I love all the pictures, especially the last one. Can't wait to see you soon!