Sunday, January 4, 2009

Florida in December

In mid December, the girls and I went to visit Wendy and fam in Florida with my Mom. It was awesome! We did some fun things and encountered both sunny skies and CRAZY storms. Here are some pictures.

Here's Wendy taking a getting used to a baby again. She'll be there soon!! She was doing squats here, by the way. This girl is SO in shape it's crazy. Inspiring, really. I hope to become a bit more fit in the next while. I should tape a picture of her up on my mirror or something.

Happy Grandma and Alice. It was extremely nice to have some time with my Mom. She is such a great woman. Both girls, by the way, were awesome on trips both down and back. We only had to stop once each way! My mom drove 100% of the time, which I DEFINITELY didn't mind.

Here she is giving the cute toddlers morning cuddles. I think she would have liked to sleep in a bit more in the morning, but these two wouldn't have that. She is such a great grandma and gave them tons of loves and fun times.

Jesse is gearing up for baby mode too. I am SO excited for them!!!

Coleman is getting ready for a baby too. He'll be an awesome big brother I think.

Sally and Coleman get some story time from uncle Jesse.

I think this was the best we could get of the three cousins. Grandma gave them these matching jammies. They all loved them! Sally wants to wear her monkey jammies on a regular basis.

What a big girl Alice is- sitting up in a lounge chair all by herself!

Sally and Coleman in the same chair. this wasn't staged at all. I turned the corner and Sally had found her way onto Coleman's lap. These two share a special bond. Sally talks about Coleman on a daily basis and she always says she's thankful for him when we say prayers. I can't wait to see them together again. They are so dang adorable!

This was the night we got there. They were both SO excited to see each other. Coleman looks awesome here. I wish we could see Sally's face, but Coleman's holds excitement for both.

Sally sure loves to hold her sister. You can see it in her face.

The beach was so nice, even in December. Jesse went surfing most mornings we were there, but I was too much a wimp to get more than my toes wet. Sally loved drawing in the sand.

It was such a fun trip. It was really special to be with family in the holiday time. Thanks to the Lewis family for putting up with us. The house looked pristine when we came, but I'm afraid less than pristine when we left. They are awesome!


Julie said...

I love those pictures! They are darling :)

Amy said...

Your trip looked like so much fun! I'm glad you go got to share grandma for a week. We hog her most of the time!

becca said...

I love the new layout, it is so colorful! What a fun trip for all of you! The pictures of the cousins together are darling! What cute kids! You are coming to town soon, right?