Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Attitude

So, I recently got back from SLC, and there will be a (super long, sorry) picture post later I'm sure, but this is not it, though it does have to do with my trip.

My family is amazing in so many ways. The way they take care of their bodies is among them. My dad recently lost a ton of weight, and he's managing to keep it off. Don't ask me how, with the freezer FULL of Ben and Jerry's (I'm not kidding, probably 30 pints), but he does. My mom can seriously kick my butt. We went to the gym, and if I used a machine after her, I'd have to decrease the weight by half. She also recently picked up bike riding. She just keeps getting stronger and stronger and looks awesome. Then there are my sisters. Amy has the kind of legs jeans designers dream of. She always looks good. My sister Wendy looks like she could be on the cover of some health magazine. She is four months pregnant, and has cut abs surrounding her tiny baby. No, I'm not exaggerating. My brother, who is in Britain, I'm sure is doing awesome on this front, with all the biking and the like.

I, on the other hand, am the curvy sister. Not just because I'm nursing, but curvy all over- in the not so nice places. In the past, I have let it get to me, but this trip, I tried (seemingly successfully) to develop a new attitude. Seeing my fit family has been inspirational. (If you're in our Biggest Loser contest, watch out) I got a gym membership for Christmas (my request), and I'm loving it. I really enjoy working out. It helps remind me that I'm more than a mom and it just makes me feel so good. I am aware that I may never be like the other members of my family, but I can be a healthier me. This is what I intend to do. I'm eating better and actually using, and what's more, appreciating this body God gave me. It's amazing what a woman's body goes through having babies. It's amazing how it heals. It has given me very few real troubles in my life. It's time I told it thank you. I'm starting to feel better on the inside already. I just can't wait for it to show on the outside too.


Mrs. Grigg said...

do it! that's awesome! We are all in it to win it this time around for the biggest loser contest! Let's get hot summer bodies!! I also agree about feeling better after getting some exercise. It doesn't even have to be much, going for a walk around the neighborhood is enough to feel good.

Alison said...

Good for you for getting in shape (although you don't need to lose any weight)! How do you find time to go to the gym? The aquatic center we went to is off Pleasant Hill Rd, called Besthesda, but there is a closer one called Bogan Park off of Friendship. I just googled it to get directions and details. It was really fun!

Becky said...

How impressive are you that you could lose weight on a trip? You go, girl!

Amy said...

It seems like you have a healthy perspective about getting healthy. I agree that our bodies are a gift and I feel better when I exercise. Thanks for getting me out of my exercise slump!

Rhoda88 said...

That is awesome. Try and try and try until you succeed. Exercising will also help you to catch up with your kids (ask me why). You do not have to look skinny to feel strong. It is very relaxing and you will feel more youthful.

You rock!!